Which is the best route for you?

This all depends on a variety of factors such as your needs and expectations, construction knowledge and experience, location during the build and attitude to risk. The following two statements cover most self-builders and developers:

Route -Main Contractor full build

1. I would like a full turnkey project, I need to know the fixed cost of my build and only deal with a single contractor who is competent to manage my investment and deliver a quality home.

Benefits – Fixed price contract based on a full specification and cost proposal for your build and we will contract directly with you on a fixed price basis to construct your home.

Route –Main Contractor to watertight.

2. I have experience of managing trades such as plumbers, electricians and decorators etc. but not the structural trades such as ground workers, roofers, frame erectors or stonemasons and block layers. I would like to have the structure completed and to a fixed price with one contractor so that I can focus on the internal trades and finishes.

Benefits – We can build the structure under a Main Contractor route with the scope of works limited to all ground works and structural elements to get the building watertight, this allows you to focus on the interior works and finishes.